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Optus v Vodafone: the Telco wars

Friday, December 17th, 2010

Optus believes that Vodafone Hutchinson is running misleading ads over its new Infinite mobile phone plans, specifically that the qualifications to its plans haven’t been adequately disclosed in its advertising. Infinite plans are touted as an alternative to fixed line rentals, for $45 per month.  So Optus is taking Vodafone to Federal Court over these alleged misleading ads, seeking an interim injunction from these ads being run.

Optus itself has two ongoing cases in the courts whereby the ACCC argues that it is running misleading ads itself.  One is for the ‘unlimited plan’, which the ACCC argues its not what is promised, and another plan is for limits on downloads, which Optus has allegedly not disclosed to customers.

The full article is on SMH here.