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Tech giants face new lawsuits

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

Sydney Morning Herald reports today that Ric Richardson, owner of Uniloc, who won a multimillion dollar lawsuit against Microsoft for the use of his patent, only to face the horror of having the decision overturned, is launching further lawsuits against Sony America, McAfee Security, Activision (maker of video games), and Quark, Borland Software and Aspyr Media (software makers).

Mr Richardson contends that his patent has stood up to legal scrutiny, so he is taking these new lawsuits on principle.  However, if succesful, the damages awarded will be given to charity.

Richardson, patented the technology designed to deter software piracy in the early 1990′s, and the proceedings against Microsoft have been ongoing since 2003. And yes, Uniloc is appealing the Microsoft decision to overthrow its lawsuit, by alleging bias from the Judge.

Stay tuned, this saga will be interesting…..