Is your company in control of its social media?

Social media is one of the things which keeps executives at top companies awake at night, says a Risk Management Benchmarking Survey conducted by Aon.

“Increased use of social networks was specifically sighted [sic] as providing potential risk to an organisation’s brand, image and reputation,” states the report.

Why can social media be so potentially damaging? Well its hard to control what people may say in relation to your Facebook or Twitter accounts, including people from your own company. Examples of fallout from such activities include the Tweet from Qantas CE Alan Joyce that a plan had crashed, which wasn’t correct, resulting in a lowering of the Qantas share price, or the Dominos pizza makers who posted images of themselves mucking about with customers’ food – later fired of course.

But whats the flipside of not using social media? Your company can become outdated, fast!

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