Wireless internet access in Sydney

For those laptop-toting businesspeople expanding their business to Sydney, especially the Wellingtonians amongst you, you will quickly find that getting wireless internet access in Sydney is a chore. While cities such as Wellington have what I would consider to be an extensive wireless network in the form of CafeNet, Sydney has no such major provider.

Rather, there are a number of providers that are located sparingly across the CBD. As easily finding somewhere that provides wireless internet in the Sydney CBD is no easy task I recommend you take a look at the following:

Azure Wireless – While Azure appears to be cutting back their coverage in Sydney, they so have a number of places where you can browse the internet. I recommend you visit this page on their website, but suggest you visit the places recommended and ask them if their wifi is working before settling in.

Telstra – Telstra offers a comprehensive network of wireless hotspots, however be warned – the cost can add up quite quickly. A list of all hotspots was last sighted here.

Unwired – These guys also offer wireless internet, however it’s designed for those who have an Unwired Wireless Card. I would recommend this option if you are planning on spending a lot of browsing time on the go in Sydney.

Woolworths (opposite the town hall) – Go up the escalators in the middle of this store and you will find a small internet access area. You can prepay with some great rates here, and you simply sit down with your laptop in the allocated Wifi spot and get on with your business. It would be affordable to work here all day if you needed to, however I did have problems with sending e-mails using any SMTP server. Tech support was helpful but said I should be able to send through my own SMTP server, which I didn’t believe as I couldn’t get it working. This would certainly be the only downside of this option.

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