Australia ranks near top as best place for female entrepreneurs

Photo couresty of Steve Wilson on Flickr

Photo couresty of Steve Wilson on Flickr

Australia is the second best place in the world to be a female entrepreneur, according to the Gender-Global Entrepreneur and Development Index, which was released at the Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network conference in the US recently.

Australia placed just behind the US as countries which encourage and foster female entrepreneurship, ahead of Germany, France, Mexico and the UK.

The rankings are calculated based on three factors:

  • the entrepreneurial environment in a country;
  • the entrepreneurial ecosystem; and
  • entrepreneurial aspirations.

Emma Isaacs, chief executive of Business Chicks, said the rankings don’t surprise her at all.

“The corporate landscape in Australia is forcing women out in droves [and] this is creating a really strong community of women who are starting their own businesses, simply because they want to create work that works for their situation,” says Isaacs.

“There is a really exciting startup culture in Australia at the moment,” says Isaacs. “Women have access to great networks and great role models who have already paved the way, and the strong economy is of course also helpful — for any startup to be successful there needs to be strong financial support.”

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