Australians support local businesses, survey finds

Photo credit; Paul Joseph on Flickr

Photo credit; Paul Joseph on Flickr

Here’s yet another reason to open an online business in Australia; your fellow Aussies will buy from you.

The second annual Westpac Australia Day report found 90% of Australians are true to their local businesses and about 49% will buy from a small business to help strengthen the nation’s economy.

The results found Australians are most loyal to their grocery stores (39%), pharmacies (37%), restaurants (21%), bakeries and butchers (both 20%).

Westpac’s general manager of retail banking, Gai McGrath said Australians were well aware of the important role small businesses play within their local communities.

“Australians can see the connection between supporting your local businesses and the health of the local economy and community,” she said.

The survey also found more than 58% of Australians believed small business was the backbone of the nation’s economy.

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