iPad arrives 28 May: how can it help your business?

So Apple’s newest gadget arrives in Australia in a week.  Amongst all the hype, what professional people really want to know is how it will help with their business.

Customers in the United States have already had a chance to use the iPad.  A review by Ubergizmo outlines useful features of this device:

  • Excellent 1024 x 768 display, allowing for good picture quality
  • Good picture brightness distribution
  • Same look and feel as Ipod touch
  • News applications: easy to access
  • Virtual keyboard: so much faster than a smartphone
  • Emails and calendar: simple to read and use
  • Effective use of social media such as Twitter and Facebook

Overall pros are that this is a good device for working with clients and customers alike, take it to business meetings to engage with your client, use it yourself with ease in many surroundings, for work and for play.

Are there any negatives? Of course, especially in a new device.  There may be slower Web browsing, as well as impediments to file management such as inability to ‘drag and drop’ with the same ease of Macs.

The full Ubergizmo review is available here.

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