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Google announces Australia’s most web savvy towns

Friday, August 16th, 2013

Google yesterday announced Australia’s most web-savvy towns with its second eTown Awards, celebrating cities and regions whose small businesses make the best use of the web to connect with customers and grow.

Australia’s winning eTowns by state and territory are:

  • Cockburn, WA
  • Darwin, NT
  • Holdfast Bay, SA
  • Launceston, Tasmania
  • North Sydney, NSW
  • Port Phillip, Vic
  • South Canberra, ACT
  • Sunshine Coast, Qld

Claire Hatton, Head of Local Business, Google Australia, told Dynamic Business that business operators who successfully integrate digital strategies are simply more competitive.

“We see through our research that small businesses that actually use digital are more successful — they grow revenue and employ more people,” Hatton said. “This web advantage also extends to towns and regions which need no longer rely on a single local resource or industry to prosper. A town’s real assets are now their small businesses owners and employees,” Hatton said.

The link between digital engagement and commercial success has been firmly established, and a recent report by Deloitte Access Economics published in April this year found that Australian small businesses with high digital engagement are twice as likely to be growing revenue, and earn twice as much revenue per employee. They are also four times more likely to be hiring additional staff.

“The location of your shop front or size of your workforce doesn’t matter online. Every business has the opportunity to engage customers and grow,” Hatton said. “Whether you’re a boutique hotel, beautician or surf school, if you’re not online you’re missing out on a direct line to thousands of potential customers.”

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Google’s privacy policy under fire

Monday, October 15th, 2012

Reports indicate that the pooling of data by Google is a breach of privacy laws, according to EU data protection commissioners.

The changes mean that what was once separately collated data via its services such as YouTube & Google+, is now tied together.

You can read more at the Sydney Morning Herald.

Google releases year in review video

Friday, December 16th, 2011

Google has sorted through the years most popular search terms and come up a video capturing everything we were interested in in 2011.

Check out the video below.

Will Google+ threaten Facebook?

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

Edward F. Moltzen over at has posted his thoughts on Google+ and the impact it may have on Facebook. If you’ve been hearing about Google+ but still aren’t sure what exactly it is this article is well worth a read. It explores a lot of the new features Google is planning to bring to social networking.

Check it out here.

Google releases “Wallet”, rivals likely to follow

Monday, May 30th, 2011

Google became the first company to allow people to use their smartphones as credit cards when they released “Wallet”, and it is expected their rivals will follow suit.

Not everything went smoothly for Google though, with EBay filing a lawsuit accusing Google of stealing trade secrets to build the platform.

Apple,, eBay and Facebook are all believed to be working on similar technology, also allowing consumers to use smartphones to pay for goods or services.

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Google v Scroogle

Friday, January 21st, 2011

Google in Australia has already taken proceedings against other companies allegedly infringing its trademark, such as Groggle (Groggle is now named Drinkle and the proceedings have settled).

Now Google has a new ‘infringer’ in its sites, a family owned company called Scoogle.  The name Scoogle comes from a modification to the family name of Scougal, and sells eyewear ie: nothing to do with Google’s own business.

A source close to Scoogle says that Google is “…just bullying the modified version of the Scoogle family name”.

Google itself hasn’t yet commented – watch this space!

The full Sydney Morning Herald article is here.

Rankings drop after Google change

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

Some small businesses dropped in rankings when Google changed its search algorithms a few weeks ago.

‘Many local businesses will find Google doesn’t position their entries as high as previously, meaning potential customers will have to scroll further down the pages of results to find them’, said search engine consultant Ash Nallawalla.

For example, a company that might have previously come up higher in the Google search results, now may have other ‘map-based’ entries above it, pushing it lower down the page and putting it below the ‘fold’ (tech-speak for the bottom of the computer screen).

Nallawalla says that businesses above the fold are far more likely to gain the attention, and custom, of people conducting a Google search.

What is the solution? Businesses need to optimise their online presence, ensure they have a physical address on their website, with phone and other relevant contact information.

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