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Australia’s most comprehensive online store blog has moved

Tuesday, August 5th, 2014
Photo courtesy of enigmabadger on Flickr

Photo courtesy of enigmabadger on Flickr

The OPMC blog has moved from this location to our home site.

At OPMC, we’re dedicated to continuing to bring you the latest news, the best advice and the most useful information for opening and running an online business in Australia.

Please continue to keep updated on what is happening in the world of online retail in Australia by continuing to follow our blog. You can find it here, on OPMC’s main website.

See you over there! opens up domain name to subdomain names for small and medium businesses

Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013

Small and medium sized businesses in Australia or from overseas can now adopt a sub-domain name under

Australian domain name rules outlined by the .au Domain Administration prevent anyone but Australian businesses or companies from owning or domains.

But the opening up of to subdomain names means that overseas businesses who want to do business in Australia can now have a local domain name.

Local private people, contractors, business owners and incorporated or unincorporated businesses can also have an online presence on the premium domain for a low weekly rental.

Greg Rogers, from Faxts Media which runs, said that applications are now open anyone in Australia or overseas to apply for a domain.

“AuDA rules are strict. An Australian business name or ABN is an essential requirement to own a domain name,” Rogers said. “I checked with AuDA myself and there are no restrictions on sub domains if the main site is owned by Australians”

“Netregistry owns a .com domain They have been selling and hosting websites as which are sub domains of, for years. There are 1000′s of them. is Australian and perfect for any business.”

“ will allocate sub domains on a first come first served basis. We will not allow trademarks to be used unless the applicant has permission or is the holder of the trademark.”

To apply for a domain name with, email

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Online shoppers expect service comparable to in-store experience, research reveals

Saturday, July 13th, 2013

Australian online businesses that think of their cyber stores as automatic vending machines need to start rethinking how they conduct business over the internet, a new survey has found.

Customers now expect to be able to get help immediately when they need it and will abandon an online transaction if that help isn’t timely.

The survey, conducted by marketing group Loudhouse on behalf of LivePerson, a provider of customer management software, found 87% of shoppers said they need some form of help during an online shopping transaction and 25% of Australian respondents to the survey expect help immediately when requested.

The main reasons for abandoning a purchase include:

  • unexpected costs at 69%
  • lack of information at 59%
  • navigation difficulties at 52%
  • not being able to find answers to questions at 44%.
  • difficulty in getting help on a website at 36%.

Out of the 1000 respondents, 79% said they prioritise getting their issue resolved quickly, and 55% want that done in a single interaction — 62% want a problem resolved within a five-minute timeframe, and 54% would give up immediately or only seek help once.

Dustin Dean, vice president of Asia-Pacific at LivePerson, said Australian online businesses should start offering the same type of service that is offered in more traditional retail stores, which includes investing in Live Chat options where customers can get instant access to staff to help with questions and resolve issues.

“I think you have to offer the richness and the depth of the experience of the storefront — especially given access to information now is just so rapid,” Dean says. “This is not simply about making a one-time purchase. You need to create relationships with customers and create an experience that enhances the shopping.”

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Website retailer rakes it in buying and selling virtual properties

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013

Flippa is the premier site in the world dedicated to being a marketplace for buying and selling websites.

Founded in Melbourne in 2009 by Matt Mickiewicz and Mark Harbottle, the site has over 200,000 registered users buying and selling websites.

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The Retailer – Retina Responsive by WooThemes

Sunday, May 12th, 2013

The Retailer theme is Retina responsive website design, developed by the Woothemes Corp. It is fully compatible with the latest version of Woocommerce 2.0. It offers  a wide range of functionalities, such as; catalogue mode option, WPML ready, google maps integration and a powrful theme option panel.

Also, it comes with many eCommerce features such as; built in Order Tracking System, coupon codes system, one page custom check out, and shipping calculator. On top of that it is a very good looking theme. It can be found at


Multishop WooCommerce Theme

Sunday, May 12th, 2013

Multishop is a fully responsive WordPress theme designed by the Woothemes team. It offers a great ‘Drag and Drop’ functionality, 3 types of image and content sliders, and an Ajax contact form. The theme is very easy to install via the WordPress admin panel, the theme pages and functionalities can all be installed with just writing simple shortcodes to activiate the functionality you require. It is an ideal solution for  all corporate, business, and blogging sites. This theme can be bought from




Wooslider Plugin by WooThemes

Sunday, May 12th, 2013

Wooslider is a really cool plugin introduced by Woothemes. It makes it really easy for website owners or administrators to add a image sliders to their websites. Wooslider comes with a variety of content layouts and slider types. It is very easy to customize, and with a little knowledge of  CSS you can make amazing slider types yourself. This plugin is recommended for every website owner to have, because it offers intuitive dashboard which makes life a lot easier for non-technical website owners who want to update their website slider. It is worth $29, this product can be found at

Online site probes new privacy fears

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

SMH reports that the website is a directory which links names and phone numbers, to addresses.  It has caused the Australian Communications and Media Authority to investigate whether it constitutes a privacy breach.

The service, created by an Australian man living overseas, not only links to phone numbers which may otherwise be unlisted, but also asks users to login using their Facebook details, which is arguably also using private information.

James (first name given only), the maker of the site, wants to create an i-Phone Ap for this service too.