Business Spectator’s Gottliebsen predicts parcel delivery war will benefit online retailers

Photo credit; Lydia on Flickr

Photo credit; Lydia on Flickr

The Business Spectator’s Robert Gottliebsen has predicted that as the race heats up between Australia Post, Toll, Linfox and DHL for parcel delivery of online purchases, online retailers will benefit from the competition.

Currently, Australia Post holds a whopping 80% of the market, but the other players are making their run, Gottliebensen says.

He also predicts that brick and mortar shopping centres are in for a rude awakening as online sales continue to grow.

“As the online industry moves to ten per cent and higher proportions of the retail trade, economies of scale will kick in and drive online market share even further. Australia has been a major investor in shopping centres and I don’t think that the overall shopping centre industry fully appreciates the magnitude of what is going to hit them,” Gottliebsen says.

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