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Online orders in Australia see huge increase

Friday, June 21st, 2013

Online business in Australia has jumped by 25%.

Orders made over the internet, including both within Australia and from overseas, reaped more than $237 billion in revenues in the 2011-12 financial year over the year before, according to the IT Use and Innovation in Australian Business report released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics this week.

Information media and telecommunications businesses received the most online orders in 2011-12, followed by wholesale trade manufacturing whilst agriculture, forestry and fishing had the lowest proportion of online orders.

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WooCommerce hits 1 million downloads

Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

The team here at OPMC congratulate the WooThemes team on 1 million downloads of WooCommerce! And they did it in less than two years!

Once the WooCommerce hit the half-million download milestone six months ago, it became a veritable juggernaut, averaging about 5,000 downloads per day over the last few weeks.

That’s a lot of people embracing the convenience and cost cutting measures of online commerce, something WooThemes and OPMC is glad to see.

Again, congratulations, WooThemes! You deserve it!

Australia’s postal service to see severe reduction in volume, business

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013

An Australia Post official has revealed that the traditional mail carrier will likely see a drop of $200 million in business this year.

In addition to losing $200 million in business this year, those losses will increasingly get “bigger and bigger as people move from physical to digital communications,” said Catriona Larritt, who is General Manager, of Post Digital at Australia Post at the Digital Productivity Conference in Brisbane recently.

The organisation has been losing about 4 to 5% of physical mail volume since 2008 and this year, it will deliver one billion fewer letters than in 2008.

She also said that Australia Post is three years into a five-year transitional program to address the shift from physical to digital communications. So far the program has resulted in the relatively new Digital Mailbox service and other e-commerce initiatives.

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The One Pager theme by WooThemes

Wednesday, June 5th, 2013

The One Pager is a modern, clean, and fresh theme design for WooCommerce. It is a scrollable and very flexible theme, you can easily customize the modules to get the looks you require. It incorporates many features, such as WooSlider integration, integration with the WooThemes Testimonials plugin.





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An interesting story of how ecommerce increased the sales for a bike company

Tuesday, June 4th, 2013

James van Rooyen and Jonathon Allara are two Australian entrepreneurs who started a bike hire company that has become one of the seven top selling bike companies in Australia. Van Rooyen who had a job in marketing, and Allara who was an accountant found out about the power of ecommerce and how it can transform their business into a successful one.  They have started with a $16000 and setup Manly Bike Tours. Now, their company is selling over 5000 bikes a year, they have 13 staff, and makes a revenue of $3 million a year.

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