The number of online shopping users in AU is on the rise

A research which has been put in Australia shows that the number of Australian internet users who visit online shopping websites is increasingly on the rise. This is due to the fact that the traffic on social networking sites in Australia has been decreasing.

Internet users use the internet for many reasons such as socializing with friends, looking for things of interest, and more importantly do online shopping. At the very breakthrough of social media networks, it was thought that social media networks like Facebook or Twitter were the best places for every business to market its products. People tended to use Social media networks and rely on it since it offered them a free way of marketing and advertising, however many business owners have realised that social media networks are not to be the domain marketing  strategy for businesses. This is because  every successful business must have a formal website with a registered domain name where the products can be professionally showcased, an online shop is the place where every user would go to browse for products and make an instant purchase.

Another reason for the decrease of the use of social media networks is that Australian internet users have become more aware of the fact that social media networks is not the best place to browse for products. Social media networks are kind of like the fans place but not the best place where people would trust a brand to succeed and use as the main marketing strategy.

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